I just wanted to take a minute and talk about something really incredible that has happened in the last month and a half. (and I wanted to do it in a way that wasn’t just me talking to my cell phone)

In January I took a massive leap of faith and went to the Evolve workshop in Hawaii, hosted by Jamie Findlay, Kortni Ellet, and India Earl. I was so nervous to meet the fellow attendees because sometimes putting a group of girls together sometimes that shit can be terrifying. I was so scared it was going to feel like high school, like there was an in crowd and the rest of us.

I’ve got to stop listening to that little voice in my head, because I was SO WRONG. The girls at Evolve were some of the kindest, most open girls I’ve ever met. Jamie, Kortni, and India poured their hearts and should into us! I spent hours talking with the other attendees, laughing at things I thought I was the only one who experienced, talking about business and all the fun and sometimes crazy things we go through! We were sitting at dinner at Turtle Bay and it hit me: I was missing this. I needed a group who got it. Thanks to Evolve, I found them! BUT: They’re not all very close.. I mean we have technology and so many ways to keep in touch but what about the right now?? That in-person bonding?

I’ve got my group of photo girls I always know I can count on, but I’m a social person and I love learning from new people! So when Toni G Photo announced a Styled shoot I jumped on that train!

Yesterday I spent the day with some girls from the #FRESNOPHOTOGS group, something I had been again, a little nervous about. AGAIN: I gotta stop listening to the voice in my head, because everyone was SO SWEET! Toni (https://tonigphoto.com) put so much effort into the Styled Shoot and that girl genuinely cares about creating a community of photographers in the Fresno area! I’ll be making the #FRESNOPHOTOGS meetings a priority from now on!

I just want to sign off of this by saying if you haven’t found a community, or you’re feeling alone, get out of your comfort zone!!


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