let's do

the damn thing

This is the part where we really get to know each other, and you get to tell me all about you! 
Getting to know you is SO important to me! I want to not just
 *be there*, I want to BE THERE for YOU!

I want to make sure you know one thing:
You are the magic, your love, your life, the things that bring you JOY are what makes photos come to life, it's what makes this work. 

You don't need to worry about being perfect, posed, and stiff. You just need to show up and be ready to have a good time.

Okkkkurt, now tell me about YOU!

before you hit send:

I typically respond within 48 hours (except Friday-Sunday! Im usually shooting those days and rarely have service!), if you haven't heard back from me there may have been a typo in your form! Feel free to reach out directly at kayceemaye@icloud.com

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