Maddy & Austin’s Gothic Nuptials


Maddy and Austin at first look are anything but traditional. Both covered in tattoos and piercings, these two artists thrive off the unexpected, and their wedding was no exception!

The first time Maddy saw her would be wedding gown she wasn’t engaged, or even on track to be! Instead, she was a high school foreign exchange student living in Australia goofing off with friends! The second the hand sewn lace touched her skin, Maddy knew it had to be the dress she got married in! Nearly ten years later, she purchased the dress of her dreams to marry the man who is working to make all her dreams come true!
Her STUNNING Anna Campbell dress was nothing compared to the love and friendship that followed Maddy and Austin on their wedding day.
Nestled in the Forrest surrounding Shaver Lake, their intimate elopement like wedding was a dark fall fantasy, lights were hand strung from tree to tree creating a net of light unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The slightly gothic vibe of the location was echoed in Maddy’s bold makeup (@cassmakeup) and updo(@randijunestyle). The florals were created by the Corcoran FFA floral team (which I think is the COOLEST thing ever) and their sweet daughters wore deep red lace dresses and flower crowns. Their intimate ceremony was followed by a twinkle light light reception overlooking the darkened lake ✨
Thank you Maddy and Austin for having me photograph your wedding day!


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