I’m like your fairy godmother, but instead of a wand I have a camera.

I’ve been photographing weddings and elopements for the last five years, and it never gets old.

I was born a storyteller, a chatty little shit with wild curly hair I could, and still can, talk anyone’s ear off. I found a love for art (if you consider doodling ponies art) that became a passion for photography.

Capturing my couples as they are is my biggest goal every time I pick up my camera. I want to get to know you guys and help create moments that make you laugh, I want you to be so comfortable with me it’s like I’m not even there. When you book a session with me you’re going to kiss like you’re alone, and crack dirty jokes the same way you would in your own home. You’re going to get a little messy, your hair doesn’t need to be perfect! I want to take shots with you to take the edge off, and look out over views that take your breath away. More than anything, I want you to walk away from a session with me and say

that was FUN

I love my dog, Tinka, even though I’m always covered in dog hair.

I love bean and cheese burritos. I could eat them everyday!

I love laughing so hard sound stops coming out and I scare my friends because they think I’m dying.

Most of all, I love this wild crazy life, and I want to live it with everything I have.

meet tinka

The HBIC. The fat panda.

The reason everything I own has a little fur on it.

Tinka’s likes are snacks, sunbathing, road trips, the song hot in herre, and me! But mostly snacks.

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